What to Consider before Buying Property Investment Rental

Rental property can be an excellent way to bring in additional money as well as invest in an asset that is actually tangible; however, investing in rental property does involve more than just purchasing a property and watching the money roll in. Many people believe that the biggest hurdle they may face is obtaining the … Continue reading “What to Consider before Buying Property Investment Rental”

Rental property can be an excellent way to bring in additional money as well as invest in an asset that is actually tangible; however, investing in rental property does involve more than just purchasing a property and watching the money roll in. Many people believe that the biggest hurdle they may face is obtaining the loan; however, this may be easier than they actually think. It is other issues which you may face along the way which should be considered before you actually take the step of purchasing rental property. 
First, always make sure you take the time to know exactly what you can afford. Many people make the mistake of overlooking this step, assuming that the rent will cover the mortgage payments. If you are not sure of exactly what kind of rent you can get before you purchase a property, you could find yourself in financial trouble later on. You should always research rental properties in your local area to understand the going rates for similar properties. Check the newspaper for information on going rental rates. It is also a good idea to check with your local landlord’s association for rental rate information. 
In addition, you need to take into consideration expenses which may come up along the way. Ideally, you should have a reserve fund established to tide you over in the event you experience emergency expenses or your property is vacant for a period of time. Before you commit to purchasing a property, make sure that you will be able to rent the property for at least an amount that will cover the mortgage as well as still have a sufficient amount left over to cover insurance premiums, maintenance costs, property taxes and income taxes. 
In addition, you need to give some thought and consideration to the type of property that will best suit you. You can find rental properties in many different sizes as well as types. Each of these different types can pull in different rental rates as well as attract different types of renters. So, giving thought to the property that best suits you is really an important step which should not be overlooked. 
For example, if you purchase a property that is near a college or university you are likely going to find that most, if not all, of your tenants are college students. While you may never have a vacancy, you may also find that you have a continual turnover, problems collecting rent and even possible damage to the property itself. 
In addition, property investors should make sure you understand your responsibilities as a landlord. Keep in mind that your obligations are typically regulated by the state in which the property is located. Some states have very little regulation while other states are highly regulated. If you fail to follow state regulations you could find yourself in for quite a bit of financial as well as legal trouble. It is always best to educate yourself ahead of time. 
Finally, make sure you consider how much insurance you will need to not only property the property in the event of damage or destruction but also to cover all liabilities as well. One liability claim can be enough to cause serious repercussions so this is not an issue where you want to take a short-cut. Remember that it is your responsibility as the landlord to provide liability insurance, not your tenant. If someone should slip and fall on your rental property then it will be you who is responsible, not the renter. 
Rental property investment property truly can be an excellent investment and income builder provided that you are prepared and understand what you should expect from the outset. Do not be afraid to seek help where you need it, especially from associations and from professionals such as attorneys. This is the hallmark that can often set a successful rental property investor apart from one who fails. 

Conclusion & Implications

Conclusion & Implications

Advertising business involves people & creative advertising is one that sells through people’s efforts, and appropriate market demand. If you create the healthy environment for creative people with right kind of required information, they can genuinely create great & saleable advertising. Advertising people bond together as a ‘team’ not as individual, Therefore, creative advertising that actually sells in the market and live a hard impression in mind is the result of ‘team work.’ In advertising business creativity resulting from great team efforts, effective idea and communicate exactly same to the audience, these are the key factors in successful advertising campaigns. The Ad agencies must have hunger for these elements and strive for them.

stayed exactly the same in this industry. The media agencies have

stayed exactly the same in this industry. The media agencies have witnessed the tremendous growth in skills set. If one critically analyze, “advertising reflects the mood of the times. The simplistic inform-persuade-sell mode worked beautifully for a long time but once communication became sophisticated, technology entered, there was a paradigm shift. Multi- tasking became the order the day. It is not uncommon to see today’s kids on the mobile while hitting the net, right? So in this age of Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, advertising content has to keep pace. It can’t be as direct, naïve and simplistic as it once was. The new-age consumer would dismiss it, straightaway.” For hard-core information and details about products and services that are in the hi-ticket category, the internet provides it all; one doesn’t have to completely depend on advertising. So the job of advertising today is to primarily push the brand in an endearing fashion that triggers the recall factor, and examples discussed indicates that ‘creativity’ stored better recall value.

Creative Advertising: Is There A Strong Need In Market:


Most brands in the same category deliver more or less the same functional benefits and answer the same needs of the consumers. With so many products on the market having the same function, the only way to position a product, service, or company differently from anything else in the same category is through creative development in advertising.

Today traditional advertising is losing its sheen. The biggest problem with traditional media is that consumers today have lots of choice for ad avoidance. The fragmentation is very high and there is very less scope of customized message for all. The Indian consumer has changed if we focus on this issue there is a lot more on the menu to choose from. Now the message unlike the past is no longer a one way process. But public opinion is far more mobilized, they have immediate platform for expression.

The expert believes that the creativity in advertising could never exist in isolation without a context. The success of final product completely depends on empathy and the relevance of message it intends to deliver. The trigger for ideas and insights must necessarily come from the environment.

The new millennium is decade old now, advertising, which is about creating demand, has undergone a complete transformation. Many things have changed and many things have

towards the ads make changes. There are many examples where kids

towards the ads make changes. There are many examples where kids played important role in commercial and that leads to high success of the ads. An excellent example is “Dirt is Good or ‘Daag Achche Hai’” ad for Surf Excel, in which a brother “fights” the mud his sister fell into. And the recent on which shows a little boy pretending to be a dog in order to make his teacher, who has just lost her dog, smile. Of course, in the process his white uniform gets mud spattered and totally worthy of a Surf Excel wash. This one from Lowe Lintas tugs the heart strings. This campaign sticks to its ‘Daag Achche Hai’ premise. Bank of India showing kid with piggy bank is yet another creative scoop.

What Makes Ad Successful; A Reality Check


There are numerous factors play roles in determining whether advertisement travel well or poorly. Marketers need to test multiple markets to get a full understanding of an ad’s likely effectiveness, but it becomes equally imperative to understand what it takes to beat the odds and create a truly Creative Advertising. The combination of creativity and the characteristics of ads that travelled well are, Children, Celebrities, Music, Humor and Emotions.

In India presence of Celebrities makes a big difference and this can work across markets. True to the phenomena that the famous celebrity can contribute to an ad travelling well but the ultimately success comes down to the power of good copy.

Humor, this word will now be associated with advertising for a long time to come. Humor can work greatly well, probably because it was cracked not long ago by the advertising fraternity, Or probably because the otherwise fretting Indian audience feels largely pepped up with humor in ads, and therefore, there are more chances of an ad acquiring mind space. Whatever be it, it’s a formula which now everybody is trying hands on. Some ads are surely worth the effort. Particularly when it comes from visual and music, the examples can be ‘Happydent white’, and the great ‘Amul butter’ print series with “Amul girl” , ‘Fevicol’ ads, ‘Mentos’ , Vodafone ad

There are many creative ads which made a direct entry into customer

There are many creative ads which made a direct entry into customer mind. Camlin India’s Permanent Marker made a distinct effect on the consumer it leaves Lowe Lintas, devised a cool concept for the brand to advertise the product. This time this is Out of Home (OOH) advertising, the simple but eye-catching hoarding, with the three cut-out men having mechanically-backed moving limbs, trying to wipe off the words written in bright red, also displays the product – the permanent marker. The category of permanent markers are a very low involvement, in such scenario also ad agency had done clutter breaking, and at the same time, something that brings out the message clearly – here the message being ‘permanent’.”

talking on a mobile can cause accidents

talking on a mobile can cause accidents. The effects are visible. The campaigns that generate awareness about protective sex create high time awareness. Excellent example is “Condom, its Ok” ads by National Rural Health Mission (India) (National Aida control Organization) especially in the market like India.

If advertisers taking an absolute social cause to advertise it might lead to instant success in the market, review study suggested an example of ‘IDEA’ Cellular, The big ideas of Idea cellular campaign was worked really well in Indian market. It has been an interesting and almost ‘off the track’ ride for the brand belonging to the Aditya Birla Group, India. This cellular service used its brand name “idea” and real social issues to successfully showcasing its message in the consumer’s mind spreading high level awareness. Some of the campaign shot in pure rural market setting. The campaign shows ugly reality in the social and political arena in India, it’s very unique and different combination of creative aspect, “What an Idea sir ji” campaigns raised issues related to Caste wars, Education for all, Democracy, health Campaign, ‘walk and talk’. The creativity of ideas worked well, while the team is well aware that most of the solutions it propagates in its ads may seem improbable, but at least it makes people think. The job is done if consumer also starts saying “what an Idea, Sirji!!.

Many times even public Awareness

Many times even public Awareness ads creates buzz and becomes click famous. The reveiew study of some of the public ads, result shows an ad where how a simple public awareness TVC shows a man manipulating a remote control toy car in an office set up. He receives a call and tries to answer it with continuing to manipulate the controls of the car. The car crashes. The ad message is very clear and gets across with no extra layers. Driving while

Another creative hit in Indian market is VODAFONE’S Creation

Another creative hit in Indian market is VODAFONE’S Creation “The Zoozoo”, after successfully rebranding “Hutch to Vodafone” Vodafone Essar Limited, the India-based subsidiary of the global mobile network operator; Vodafone started expanding its presence in pan India. The new brand avatar of Vodafone is “Zoozoo” has created a new dimension of creativity. The Zoozoos advertising campaign highlighted the different value added service (VAS) offered by the company. This creative aspect got huge appreciation from the customer and they say you simply Love them and you just can’t ignore them. The Zoozoos were everywhere, the creative ad series of 30 TVCs, were created by Ogilvy & Mather for Indian Primer League of Cricket Season 2. The Zoozoos Coffee Mugs and T-shirts became instant hit in the market. Prior to this what Vodafone did to show the transition from Hutch to Vodafone, ad agency O&M launched a rather direct, thematic ad showing the trademark pug in a garden, moving out of a pink colored kennel symbolizing Hutch, and making his way into a red one (the Vodafone color). A more energetic, chirpier version of the ‘You and I’ tune associated with Hutch, plays towards the end, as the super concludes, ‘Change is good. Hutch is now Vodafone’.